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ceramic goods

kairos creates ceramic goods for intentional living.


for soulful moments.

All pieces are one of a kind, each with it's unique touch. some are thrown on a wheel, some are hand built. each made within a space of time that is consumed by loving energy.


about me


Kairos is an expression of where I am in my life, and a way to share soul and love with others. Clay teaches you about yourself. It's not only serious, kairos is a platform for me to play. 

Clay came into my life while studying architecture at UK (University of Kentucky). The design program demanded a hefty amount of screen/digital time and I longed to make with my hands again, leading me to taking intro to ceramics. I was so attracted to the intuition involved in the process - I could feel my hands knowing how to treat the clay and allow it to be, allow it to guide me.

Each piece is an expression of my soul, both deep and light-hearted. When creating, I am myself. Internally, I can feel my inner-child having so much fun, allowing the universal flow to run through me.


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